中文中幕无码亚洲视频|182ta午夜特别网|色婷婷综合缴情综|4438x全网最大The University of Illinois is a public research university, ultimately responsible to the citizens of Illinois and the Illinois General Assembly.

中文中幕无码亚洲视频|182ta午夜特别网|色婷婷综合缴情综|4438x全网最大Authority over the University is held by a board of trustees. A president is the chief executive officer for the University system, and each of three campuses is headed by a chancellor, vice chancellors who have campuswide responsibilities, and other administrators whose duties are delegated by the chancellor.

Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vice President, University of Illinois

The chancellor is the chief executive officer of the campus. The Office of the Chancellor has the all-encompassing goal of ensuring the overall excellence of the Urbana-Champaign campus. Vice chancellors, associate chancellors, and directors report directly to the chancellor.

About Robert Jones

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

中文中幕无码亚洲视频|182ta午夜特别网|色婷婷综合缴情综|4438x全网最大The provost is the chief academic and budget officer for the campus. The office oversees academic and budgetary policy and priorities, ensures the quality of the faculty and student body, and maintains educational excellence. All deans and directors of academic units report to the provost.

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Vice Chancellor for Research amd Innovation

Senior research officer of the campus, responsible for facilitating all areas of scholarship and creative activity. Coordinates campus-wide research initiatives and oversees both campus-wide interdisciplinary institutes and the administrative processes responsible for ensuring the productive, safe, innovative, and ethical conduct of research.

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Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is the senior student affairs officer of the campus, responsible for ensuring that every Illinois student has opportunities for personal and professional growth with special emphasis on leadership and career development, health and wellness, diversity programs, and engagement with the larger community.

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Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

中文中幕无码亚洲视频|182ta午夜特别网|色婷婷综合缴情综|4438x全网最大Senior advancement officer of the campus, responsible for ensuring the integration and coordination of the development, alumni relations, and marketing/communications functions of the campus that will lead to strong constituent relationships and generate significant private financial resources for the university.

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Office of the Campus Senate

The Senate is the legislative body of the campus. It is composed of 200 faculty and 50 students and sets educational policies, such as admission and graduation requirements, the academic calendar, etc.

Campus Senate Website